Nearby office buildings: Sino International Plaza is located in the core area of Wusi Road CBD of Fuzhou, surrounded by more than 10 representative high-end office buildings such as Henglicheng, Universal Plaza, Donghuang Building, Bank of China Tower, Landmark Plaza, Yifa Building, International Trade Building, etc. within a distance of 1km.

Nearby department stores: There are Wangfujing, New Huadu Department Store and Brands Avenue.

Nearby supporting facilities: There are Empark Grand Hotel, Foreign Trade Center Hotel, Minjiang Hotel, Days Hotel Hotspring Fuzhou, Tianfu Hotel and many other star hotels, middle- and top-grade residential apartments as well as governmental agencies, cultural center, hospitals and other supporting facilities. 

Environment: It enjoys an advantageous location that is adjacent to Fuzhou Square and the Hot Spring Park. At the bus station along Wusi Road, there are more than 10 bus lines leading to various districts of Fuzhou, building up a convenient transportation network.